My name is Jaroslav Henzely and this is my scope:

Virtualization and Cloud​

The times when developers had three machines (each for other purpose) are gone for good.
Nowadays, we can have anything we want.
Cloud Forever !

Automation and Scripting

Efficiency, essential part of every survival strategy.
But how to be efficient ? Automate !
So, can You Automate IT ?
Yeah, I guess we have no choice.


Simplicity, geniality and stability of UNIX and GNU/Linux systems is truly amazing.
This thing have earned my trust.

Work can be done only perfect or defect [I/O]. – 99% will never be a 100.
Jaroslav Henzely
Man behind this page


I am considering Linux as a vital part of every successful project.
I was always demanding to work in environments consisting mostly of Linux machines.


Finally a system for containers.
This system keeps everything managed, available and organized. And it's not that complex.


This is major part of my daily schedule now.
I'm not saying Docker is miracle solution for everything, but hey;
It works !

I am ready

Yes, I can't wait to get assigned some challenging project and meet my new colleagues.

Remote and Connected

I have experience with remote IT jobs and it always worked well,
just like in the office.

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What am I looking for ?

  • Linux, Cloud, Scripting
  • Clear, Straightforward Communication
  • Opportunity to further develop my knowledge and skills
  • Friendly and fair colleagues
  • Pizza and coffee

A few other technologies I am also familiar with​


Experiences & Skills

Years of work experience in total
Born in 1993

Infocare Healthcare Systems

Operations Engineer (2018 - 2020)

  • Design, Monitoring and maintenance of life-critical systems
  • Resource provisioning from Google Cloud and AWS
  • Optimization and security hardening of existing systems
  • Design and Operation of infrastructure components (Apache, Tomcat, VPN, Confluence, network, etc...)
  • Operations, Dev and Deployment Automation (Ansible and Jenkins)

T-Systems: ngena

ICT Engineer (2017 - 2018)

  • DevOps mode of work
  • Responsible for design and configuration of Monitoring stack
    & virtualized environment (Linux and Windows hosts)
  • Active Directory and Terminal Services administration
  • My Main duty:
  • Python Scripting for checking status of components in platform​
  • Wide range of different technologies used together
  • Incl. Apache, Ansible, Git, Sensu, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Redis, etc...

T-Systems: Intercloud

ICT Administrator III (2016 - 2017)

  • Member of team responsible for Cloud product based on OpenStack
  • Consultation and cooperation with DevOps and Vendor
  • Proposal, review and approval of planned changes in platform
  • Providing L2/L3 support for Customers
  • Troubleshooting reported issues


Dual Edu Student (2013 - 2016)

  • Started here as a student in "Dual Education" program
  • International experience in German branch office
  • Working in several teams on positions including:
  • Linux Admin: General maintenance tasks. RedHat Linux
  • OpenStack Cloud Engineer
  • Evaluation of possible use-cases
  • Exploring the possibilities how to integrate Cloud Services to product portfolio
  • DevOps in Automation team
  • Writing scripts for Puppet and Nessus

My own business

High School Student (2010 - 2013)

  • Part-time, private contracts
  • Computer hardware diagnostics
  • OS installation, configuration & tuning
  • SOHO corporate networks engineering and maintenance
  • Experience with physical servers (like this one, where I host my stuff)

What will you GET ?

  • An employee with motivation to learn something new
  • Concentrated mind when working on mission-critical production systems
  • Somebody who just knows the stuff

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I decided to create this Web page as an alternative to old-fashioned CVs