My name is Jaroslav Henzely and this is my scope:

Virtualization and Cloud​

Today's projects are in gcloud or AWS instead of a private datacenter, where we also run VMs

Automation and Scripting

Automation brings standards in modern complex environments


Stable and trusted. I consider Linux as a vital part of every successful project

I am ready

Interested to work on new projects and learn new technologies

Remote and Connected

I live in Chicago area and I can make a short commute, or work online

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What am I looking for ?

  • Linux, Cloud, Scripting
  • Clear, Straightforward Communication
  • Opportunity to further develop my knowledge and skills
  • Friendly and fair colleagues

Technologies I am familiar with


Experiences & Skills

Years of work experience in total
Born in 1993

HCL America

Site Services Engineer

  • Configuration, maintenance, monitoring, and troubleshooting issues with workstations servers and network infrastructure
  • VoIP devices and PBX troubleshooting
  • Planning and logistics for remote site support, On-site training

Infocare Healthcare Systems

Operations Engineer (2018 - 2020)

  • Design, Monitoring and maintenance of life-critical systems
  • Resource provisioning from Google Cloud and AWS
  • Optimization and security hardening of existing systems
  • Design and Operation of infrastructure components (Apache, Tomcat, VPN, Confluence, network, etc...)
  • Operations, Dev and Deployment Automation (Ansible and Jenkins)

T-Systems: ngena

ICT Engineer (2017 - 2018)

  • DevOps mode of work
  • Responsible for design and configuration of Monitoring stack
    & virtualized environment (Linux and Windows hosts)
  • Active Directory and Terminal Services administration
  • My Main duty:
  • Python Scripting for checking status of components in platform​
  • Wide range of different technologies used together
  • Incl. Apache, Ansible, Git, Sensu, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Redis, etc...

T-Systems: Intercloud

ICT Administrator III (2016 - 2017)

  • Member of team responsible for Cloud product based on OpenStack
  • Consultation and cooperation with DevOps and Vendor
  • Proposal, review and approval of planned changes in platform
  • Providing L2/L3 support for Customers
  • Troubleshooting reported issues


Dual Edu Student (2013 - 2016)

  • Started here as a student in "Dual Education" program
  • International experience in German branch office
  • Working in several teams on positions including:
  • Linux Admin: General maintenance tasks. RedHat Linux
  • OpenStack Cloud Engineer
  • Evaluation of possible use-cases
  • Exploring the possibilities how to integrate Cloud Services to product portfolio
  • DevOps in Automation team
  • Writing scripts for Puppet and Nessus

My own business

High School Student (2010 - 2013)

  • Part-time, private contracts
  • Computer hardware diagnostics
  • OS installation, configuration & tuning
  • SOHO corporate networks engineering and maintenance
  • Experience with physical servers (like this one, where I host my stuff)

What will you GET ?

  • An employee with motivation to learn something new
  • Concentrated mind when working on mission-critical production systems
  • Somebody who just knows the stuff

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I decided to create this Web page as an alternative to old-fashioned CVs